Flicker Meeting Recap

We noticed there was not a recap of last week's meetings, so this will be a recap of the past two week's meetings--catching you up on everything going on in Flicker!

On Monday, November 6, we had our general meeting in Dobo 134, and we did a small workshop where we put together a small scene and took members through a few basic parts of being on set.

Then on last Monday, November 13, we were back in Morton doing a small screenwriting challenge where members were put into small groups and had them write a two to three page script with two characters and one setting using a tagline. The results were great!

"Risque Business" is still doing weekly production meetings every Tuesday at 7 in Leutze 138. They are still looking for some more help, so if you interested in getting some hands-on experience with Flicker, check them out!

Reel Teal has reached over 3,000 submissions so far, and the judges are all hard at work going through them all! They are also putting together some advertisements for the festival. If you are interested in helping putting on this fully student-run film festival, they meet on Wednesdays at 7 in Leutze 138.

This Monday's general Flicker meeting will be at 7:30pm in Morton 100, and this week we will be showing some of the shorts Flicker members have sent in that they have worked on this year, including a rough cut of "Power's Out" and the premiere of "Don't Ignore Me," two official Flicker productions. Make sure to come out!

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  • 4/2/18 - Flicker Meeting (Screening Edits & Officer Nominations) - MO 100 - 7:30pm

  • 4/9/18 - Flicker Meeting (Officer Elections) - MO 100 - 7:30pm

  • 4/16/18 - Flicker Meeting (Resume Workshop) - MO 100 - 7:30pm