Fiona Costello is a senior on Film Studies. This is her fourth year in Flicker and her second year on the officer board, having previously served as Production Club Meeting Manager. She's very enthusiastic to be this year's President and lead Flicker where it's never gone before... online!

Favorite Film: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure



Stephen Lambros is a student of the Class of 2021 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, working his way towards a double major in Film Studies and Creative Writing. He is very passionate about film and wants help creative individuals to grow in their craft as he grows in his own. 

Favorite Film: Moneyball

Stephen Lambros
Co-Vice President
Boyce Rucker
Co-Vice President

Boyce Rucker is a transfer student of the class of 2021, with his sights set on a double major in Film Studies and Communication Studies. Fascinated by the possibilities of what can be brought to screen, he seeks immersion into both the inventive writing process and the challenging production aspect of film, while studying the various roles and responsibilities demanded of the latter.

Favorite Film: Blade Runner

Hey there! My name is Lilliane Hogsten and I am the Treasurer for Flicker. I am a second-year film major with a minor in studio art; my passions include photography, film, writing, & corgis. After graduation, I hope to become a cinematographer/director of photography!

Favorite Films: The Shining, The Nice Guys, and Room

Lilli Hogsten

Content Manager/

Production Meetings



Michael Delano

Hi! I'm Rachel Osterhoudt. I'm 19 years old and a Junior here at UNCW. I just transferred from a community college so it's my first year here. I'm majoring in Film with a minor in Psychology, and I'm so excited to be the Social Media Manager for Flicker Film Society!

Favorite Film: Moonrise Kingdom

Rachel Ousterhoudt
Social Media Coordinator

Mike Mantsourani is in his final year of his Master's Degree, where he's studying to be a Middle School English Teacher. He is also an alumni of the UNCW film studies program and even served as the content manager during the 2017-2018 schoolyear. In film, he enjoys writing, directing, and even acting (as he enjoys theatre as much as film). Mike looks forward to being back with Flicker, and a great year.

Favorite Film: Edward Scissorhands

Michael Mantsourani
Event Coordinator
Graduate Student

Paulina Romero




Juan Paul Pabarello

Associate Media Manager


Hi! My name is Juan Pablo Paparella (fancy, huh?), I am a junior majoring in film studies (duh) as well as minoring in digital arts. I am supposed to say things like I'm from Argentina, I live in Raleigh, yadda yadda yadda. I don't know what else to say about myself, but you get the point, so I'll just say, whoever's reading this, you are amazing! Thank you for considering Flicker!  Now go on--read some more bios or something, I dunno. Have a nice day though!

Favorite Film: The Royal Tenenbaums

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